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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

American Biological Weapons Laboratories BSL-4 installed in Sierra Leone, source of Ebola Virus Disease decimating West Africa since March 2014. Biological weapons, danger to Americans and the whole world/Dr NKUSI Joseph.

We are in January 2014, the laboratory of Tulane University from New Orleans in the USA which is in Sierra Leone Kenema begins an allegedoperation of vaccination against Ebola. International organizations such as WHO (UN), USAMRIID (USA) , CDC (USA) , MSF (France), Tekmira (Canada) , Glaxon SmithKline (UK ) and Kenema Governement Hospital embark on an awareness campaign for vaccination . In March 2014 , thousands of people who got the fake vaccine begin to have serious complications, their blood flows through the nostrils , ears , mouth, and anus. Their skin deteriorates visibly and internal organs melt like snow hit by the sun. They start counting dozens of deaths per day, thousands in weeks after. Sierra Leone discovers that the American laboratory of biological weapons BSL -4 Kenema was behind the epidemic. The aforementioned laboratory is closed by the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone and the US Tulane University researchers are prohibited from continuing their trials, the same ministry asked the American Center for Disease Control, CDC to intervene. A strange disease: spontaneous body liquefaction even after death! The tissue becoming frozen even if the body is refrigerated to keep it cold. The famous virus vaccine was a genetically modified Ebola (GMOs) that people were deliberately injected to first test the degree of nuisance of that American biological weapon and finally test the vaccine thereto. Everything was controlled by the US biological weapons laboratories , BSL -4 ( bio safety level 4 lab ) located in Kenema in Siera Leone , Liberia, Guinea and the USA working on behalf of the State Department of US Defence (DoD) .

The three American laboratories located in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea: source of the Ebola epidemic raging in West Africa.
The American and European media after the epidemic started spreading information that the Bat that caused the epidemic came from the Democratic Republic of Congo and travelled more than 3,500 km to Sierra-Leone where this evil is killing thousands. But some internationally renowned researchers such as Francis Boyle and Cyril Broderic rejected this hypothesis; the first is Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois at Champaign in the USA, it was him who wrote the draft of the anti -terrorist law against biological weapons ( Biological weapons anti -terrorism act) in 1989 source of the convention on biological weapons, which was passed unanimously by both houses of the US Congress and implemented by George W. Bush ; Boyle was also a member of the Board of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL for years. The second is a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Agronomy at the University of Liberia.

According to Francis Boyle, the BSL- 4 laboratories (Bio Safety Lab Level 4 ) US biological warfare are responsible for the spread of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The first laboratory is located in Kenema Sierra Leone, another one in Liberia, and the last one in Conakry, (Guinea Conakry). According to the same source, these laboratories have been set up by USAID on behalf of the State Department of Defense (DoD). The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has worked with the National Institute for Health (NIH) -both American- to mix Ebola living virus with that a Common flue virus to make more deadly the new genetically modified (GMO ) Virus. And it is Tulane University which won a clinical trial market ( NCT02041715 ) of the new virus on black Africans on behalf of the DoD. You can follow Boyle's interview (audio) here .

As for Cyril Broderic , he refers us to books written between 1970 and 1994 whose authors have indeed argued that the US manufactures  biological weapons and are testing these deadly weapons on the Blacks outside the United States, that means in Africa. The first book comes from Horowitz (1998) in which the author wonders whether the emergence of new viruses such as AIDS and Ebola is purely accidental or intentional. In chapter 12 of the book, the author points out that there is a military medical industry that produces biological weapons, and shall test them on black Africans outside the USA . Mr Broderic wonders why no African leader refers to the book during this difficult time of Ebola outbreak hitting Africa.

Broderic speaks also about a novel written by Richard Preston ( copyrighted 1989 and 1994). This novel, "HOT ZONE" contains a terrifying story that shows that the US according to Broderic has been secretly conducting the manufacturing of biological weapon trials on black Africans claiming they were administering vaccines to them. In this book, the way Ebola kills animals therein mentioned, is typically the same way Ebola is killing West Africans in 2014.
The claims of these two researchers published on several websites in the world and their interviews have not been denied by the US and its allies.

Everything was well planned by the US military working on biological weapons; especially the famous Fort Detrick laboratory Cyril Broderic called, "Ebola Building". As they finished the production of biological weapons, it was necessary to conduct trials to ensure their effectiveness. A popular newspaper, Fredrick Post news which is not far from the famous site of Fort Detrick wrote on 14/08/2010  that this trial was planned to be conducted on laboratory animals , unfortunately it was afterwards led to African black people ; I do not know if those guinea pigs have been lacking for running those trials on Africans; this is how  Fredrick News Post wrote about this issue on that date "The federal government isworking on a new site at Fort Detrick for very advanced research to test new drugsand vaccines on animals for military and civilian purposes -----the facilitywill have the capability to produce viruses in aerosolized form that wouldsimulate a potential biological attack on the test animals."

It is this simulation that was to be done on guinea pigs, but blacks were preferred to replace them the result: "the epidemic of Ebola "raging in West Africa! Yet Harvard and Yale universities in the US had warned the US authorities that such human trials could create an epidemic difficultto control in the whole world.

The silence of big media houses in this macabre affair.
It is very surprising that only the US media have discussed this issue that bothers the West , " what  is really the source of the Ebola virus ravaging West Africa ?"; conventional media such as the Washington Post and New York Times have denied the involvement of the US in the epidemic that shook West Africa. But the alternative media like Washington Blog, Fredrick News Post, the Global Research, Before It is News(BIN) have really shown themselves  very objective in addressing this issue  and have even done their bets to give a chance to anyone who had a say on this subject. Thus, Professor Francis Boyle was interviewed by Washington Blog and Il Fatto Quotidiano in Greek and translated into French by the Global Research Website.

 The French (RFI), British (BBC) and Germans (DW) big media appreciated for their good working to inform Africans and the world kept speechless. As for the USA, it is unfortunate that the pro- government media like the Washington Post denied the facts that even the Obama administration had implicitly accepted, as we find it in the New York Times of October 2014:
"Our official policy is now to stop this kind of research”
This phrase uttered by Obama after the epidemic of Ebola had begun to decimate people in West Africa, shows that he recognizes that the US did research on biological weapons; and to calm things down, he promises that such research should be stopped, but many people like Francis Boyle do not believe Obama's declaration.

African leaders corrupted by US to host, produce, or test its deadly viruses such as Ebola
  This is not the first time that the US has used humans as guinea pigs to test viruses produced in their laboratories. According to Guzman in Before It is News, between 1946 and 1948, under President Harry S. Truman in collaboration with the President of Guatemala Jose Arevalo and his administration deliberately infected more than 1,500 prostitutes, soldiers, prisoners and mental patients with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases such as chancroid and gonorrhoea out of more than 5500 Guatemalan people who participated in the experiments. This shameful act was discovered in 2010 by a Medical historian Professor at Wellesley College Susan M. Reverby in the archives of Wellesley College in Pennsylvania in the US A.

     According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in its document Fact Sheet 103, there are 5 types of Ebola:  Zaire , Sudan , Bundibulyo , Reston and Tai Forest ; the first 4 are of African origin. The first outbreak of the Ebola virus broke out in 1976 in Zaire and Sudan in that time the Ebola Virus Disease ( EVD ) in Zaire was lethal to 88 % and 55% in Sudan. Some people argue that this is the first time that the US has introduced the Ebola virus on the African continent with the complecency of  Mobutu Sese Seko who was president of Zaire now called the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC ) and who is also accused of  collaborating with the CIA in other dirty duties  in Angola , South Africa during the Apartheid odious policy , --- etc.  Geographically, Sudan and Bundibulyo (  Western Uganda ) are not far from Zaire ; it can be said that Bundibulyo and Sudan were infected by the same US laboratory but with different strains of Ebola virus for comparative analysis of the lethal  degree and aerosolization . WHO in the same document quoted above says that EVD 2014 that shook West Africa is EVD origin of Zaire and more complex than the previous years EVD. Therefore, people who say that the BSL -4 laboratories have genetically modified the original Ebola virus are not wrong.

    The Ebola epidemic that is ravaging West Africa can help us better understand the policy of African leaders in the protection of citizens. Indeed, The West accuse  African Leaders of being corrupt but EVD actually prevailing in West Africa shows us that it is these same accusers who spread corruption in Africa for interests of their countries. We can support this argument with two examples: The contract signed in 1984 between the captain Samuel Doe who was president of Liberia and the US to install the BSL -4 laboratory in the country; even a small child can easily detect the negative impact of this contract on the lives of Liberian citizens. I do not know if he accepted this deadly contract without some money! Here are some ugly lines of this famous contract read by Francis Boyle before it became classified:
  Another sign of corruption sown by the US government and its Western allies is that Sierra- Leone which hosts a US biological weapon laboratory BSL -4 signed the Biological Weapons Convention; and the US administration knows very well that this country should therefore not have such a laboratory on its territory under the terms of the above convention. We can deduce from these contracts through corruption that   super powers including the US drive African countries not to ratify some international conventions for their interests! Indeed, if Guinea and Liberia have not signed the Biological Weapons Convention it is not because these two countries are planning to do research on biological weapons on their territories because they do not have means and nor ability, rather it is the US that made them not to sign the agreement because it knew that they could host in the future its BSL- 4 laboratories that are out there today and source of the Ebola epidemic currently affecting West Africa.

  Biological weapons in Africa, a double-edged weapon for the US and the world
     Several countries have erected laboratories of biological weapons during the Cold War such as Russia where one single leakage of Anthrax virus claimed lives of over 100 people who were close to a laboratory in 1979; South Africa helped by the USA and the UK during the Apartheid era had also set up laboratories to produce Ebola, AIDS, Anthrax, Cholera,Salmonella, Marburg, etc. The white regime had begun even to develop a racialvirus to sterilize South African blacks. After the release of Nelson Mandela, South Africa abandoned its research program on biological weapons.

As for the US, while other countries stop producing biological weapons, this country increases its research in the field. Today in USA, there are more than 1500 labs operated by 324 government, university and private organisations across the country with also 14,000 scientists. Those laboratories constitute a direct menace to Americans’ lives as testified by Richard Ebright, a biosafety expert before the Congress in October 2014.
"More than 200 incidents of loss or release of bioweapons agents from US laboratories are reported each year. This works out to more than four per week.".

The US has also 120 sites scattered in several countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, where the Ebola epidemic is currently killing people without any mercy; Kenya, and Uganda in East Africa that serve as stock of these US biological weapons. Although US officials say that these viruses are treated for defensive purposes, many scientists and researchers including Francis Boyle say that it's rather for offensive purposes. Let us recall that some media claim that the US had sold biological weapons to Saddam Hussein and authorized him to use chemical weapons against Iran as both countries were fighting for the Shatt al-Arab control from 22 / 9/1980 to 08/20/1988 and more than 800,000 people lost their lives.

 But the US administration found towards the end that it should not have given such weapons to a leader like Saddam Hussein who could use them against Israel and the US allied Arab countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Hence, the source of the two wars launched against the regime of Saddam Hussein in 1991 and 2001 to recover these weapons distributed by the US to Saddam Hussein!  Keeping biological weapons in Africa, the US administration should beware a little of the danger they represent for its security in particular and the world as a whole. While these weapons do not pose a threat against Israel as Iraq of Saddam Hussein, we can say that these biological weapons on African soil, are a double -edged sword for the US and the world because of the following reasons:

·         Almost all African countries are run by leaders with anti- democratic values ​​and The West support them financially and diplomatically. These leaders do not take into account the welfare of their people, they rather do anything to get cash and protection from their supporters to stay in power; this is the case of Captain Samuel Doe who signed the contract mentioned above to install a site of biological weapons on the soil of his country, ignoring the danger these weapons were presenting on his fellow citizens. Hit by poverty and having no Rights of expression as was the case in Sierra Leone in the past,  in Liberia, and Guinea , desperate people can hijack sites hosting these biological weapons, burn them and cause an epidemic difficult to master or control.
         Africa has more than 20 years of insecurity linked to civil wars that led to creation of thousands of militia and religious extremist movements. Al Qaeda in the Maghreb Arab, AQMI in North Africa took Western tourists as hostages twice in the last five years. It was al-Shabab , an ally of Al Qaeda that  bomb attacked simultaneously the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam on 08.07.1998 and these Al Shabab in turn showed the vulnerability of Kenya last year in 2013 by attacking a shopping center in Nairobi the capital of this country, the army and the Kenyan Police without being able to overcome this attack for 3 days whereas  the number of terrorists did not exceed 18 people. It was discovered that among the military and police of this country hid traitors who collaborated with the attackers due to corruption. If these two organizations manage to put their hands on these US biological weapons in Kenya, it will be the end of the world.

         Uncontrolled armed bandits prevailing in these countries may be able to put a hand on these biological weapons for terrorist movement which can give them money; knowing that these movements are very rich. A good example to this argument is a taxi transporting blood samples suspected to have Ebola Virus in Guinea Conakry; this car was stopped by an armed gang on 23.11.2014 which plundered all passengers' belongings and those blood samples as well.   These stolen samples constitute adanger to the society if this gang sells them to Groups called terrorists likeAQMI or Bokko Haram of Nigeria.

Before concluding, let us ask ourselves some questions
• Biological weapons being very easy to get, especially by terrorists as we have just demonstrated, a $ 270 million put in place by theObama administration in 2012 to protect the sites containing biological weaponssuch as Ebola , Anthrax and Rift Valley fever in Kenya and Uganda, ---etc; will that strategy succeed in securing them effectively?
• Are African leaders aware of the danger that their countries incur in accepting biological weapons on their territories?
• What is the continental organization "the African Union" doing to protect African peoples and prevent the continent continues to be a compost of toxic waste, chemical and biological weapons of The West  and  protect African people  from being guinea pigs to test these weapons?

 After the so-called vaccine which was an injection of Ebola virus in African blacks, the US army made a " stage like" according to Francis Boyle. Hence, soldiers rather instead of Doctors were sent to West African countries ravaged by Ebola Virus Disease. Their aim was to check the efficiency of their new biological weapon and test in the end a relevant vaccine which was available within some months instead of years; and Westerners ascertain that this vaccine is showing promising results. This shows us that everything was right planned long ago.

It is necessary that Africans be awaken from their lethargy and take their destiny in hands. The popular revolution that has just put an end to a totalitarian regime of nearly 30 years in Burkina Faso should awaken the youth from all African countries to hold their leaders accountable. African leaders should know that national interests must take precedence over personal interests and those of foreign predators. In addition, a creation of supranational organizations on the continent truly independent and operational to protect the people of Africa is highly desirable; if not black Africans will disappear tomorrow like mammoths and dinausors! It is also urgent that all countries and organizations involved in this Ebola epidemic prevailing in West Africa provide compensation to all victims and work urgently to find a vaccine. Finally, victims must make arrangements to bring the perpetrators to local or international justice.

NKUSI Joseph(PhD)

About the author:

  • Dr NKUSI Joseph
  • PhD holder/Social Sciences, majoring in Social Planning and Development.
  • High Diploma in Medicine, majoring in Health Economics, Policy and Management
  • Professor at Misrata University/ Libya. 2003-Jan.2007
  • Professor at National University of Rwanda/Rwanda. Mar.2007-Aug.2009
  • Head of Department of Social Sciences(National University of Rwanda).Nov.2008-Aug.2009
  • Senior researcher at UNIFOB Global, Bergen University/Norway. 19 Aug.2008-31Dec.2009
  • Owner of SHIKAMA Blog( Versions: Kinyarwanda, French and English): URL:


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Very very sad. Same human could do such a inhuman thing to the same human being?

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